In this game you will be playing as an american alligator AKA (mississippiensis).Its survival adaptations are fast swimming and an armored body but not on it's belly they live in the swamp and have the life cycle of many reptiles from egg where you will start then hatchling and adalt some of thare predators are large birds but only when they are babys they hibernate by frezzing themseles in the water lets see if you can be a secsessful alligator [[start|hacthing]] CRACK CRACK CRACK you start brake the inner membran of your egg you cach a glimpse of light but you need air so you have to brake out fast what will you do [[use your tail|crack]] [[headbutt it|gameover]] [[use your legs|crack2]] you use your strong scaley tail to crack the egg seeing your fellow hatchlings in your warm grassy green nest but you hear a sherk then see an enormous shodow it a hungey bald eagle looking for food what will yu do so you don't become a brackfast [[hide under the nest|you escaped]] [[go and find your mom|loser]]at your best effort your snout cant brake the shell you run out of enegy and die tired and alone you fail GAMEOVER [[start over|hacthing]] have you seen an alligators legs they may have claws but thare legs are way to short go back and chose another :} [[go back|hacthing]] you ecasape the egale but it did snach one of your brothers the egale qwickly fleas when it sees your mother mom had come back with a turtlue looks like brakefast you davower the reptle after 2 years its time to say by to mom you have to fend for your self but winter is coming how sould you hibranate [[freeze yourself in the lake|good gowing]] [[stay in your warm nest|thats cold]]you have no clue ware to find your mom the eagle snatches you with her razer sharp talons and feeds you to her chicks GAMEOVER [[go back|hacthing]]you frezze your self in the lake and live trew the winter you wake up in warm water its spring mateing seasons <font size=32>;}</font> [[find a mate to have your babys|mateing]] your nest gets coverd in snow and ice once winter hits you dont survive a day GAMEOVER [[go back|hacthing]]time to look for your man you see two alligaters comeing for you they will fight for you the right one wins time to make some kids <font size=32>:I</font> [[THE END|THE END]] YOU CARRY ON YOUR GENERATION GOOD FOR YOU you are secsessful in life