Oh no! You forget where you live, but im sure which wetland you know you live in! A) [[Marsh]] B) [[Pond]] C) [[Fen]] Great thinking!! [[Stage Two]]Oops! You dont find your way home dont find the right food and die. [[Try Again?]]Oops! You dont find your way home and an eagale swoops down and eats you! [[Try Again?]] [[START]]Not this time!! Sorry! Intresting fact: They do eat beetles but not this time!! [[Try Again?]]Nope!! Not even close! [[Try Again?]]Oh no!! After coming all this way you get kinda hungry what do you eat?? A) [[Beetle]] B) [[Worm]] C) [[Snail]]Great thinking!!! [[Stage Three]]After that wonderful snack you realize that its turning into winter and you have to A) [[ Migrate ]] B) [[ Fly North ]] C) [[ Fly East Or West]] Oh man! After all that Migrating you get kinda sleepy so where do you sleep????????? A) [[In a nest by the catails]] B) [[ In a nest in a tree]] C) [[In a nest by the ground]]AWESOME! You really listend to that paragraph very good! Now lets really see if you can pass the next stage! [[Stage Five]]! <-No! You dont know how to get down from the tree and go splat on the ground and die! [[Try Again?]]Nope a animal finds you and eats you. GAME OVER! [[Try Again?]]Nope you dont know where you are and then die of boardome [[Try Again?]]No! you dont know where you are and die [[Try Again?]]Yep!!! [[Stage Four]]TRIVA ALERT TRIVIA ALERT! Now you are going to have to know all about this type of bird because this part is not in the first paragraph!! TRIVIA TRIVIA TRIVIA TRIVIA TRIVIA TRIVIA TRIVIA TRIVIA TRIVIA TRIVIA TRIVIA Aw man! You are not in a suit and a bow tie and you see a beatiful mate! Your freaking out and dont know what to do, you as a person should know all about this if your an exspert on this type of bird.. A) [[Fly back quickly get a suit on and fly back and take a chance if the mate is still there]] B) [[Stay there introduce your self and hope that she likes you for who you are]] C) [[Walk away in shame and hope you meet another mate]]No! Not even close. You go back to get your suit and shes not there and shes in a nest with a other bird and you die of old age and a broken heart Care to [[Try Again?]]She likes you for who you are and you have the next generation!!!!!!!! Congrats you have 1 new baby bird (crowd AWWWWWWW) [[Would you like to play as A baby bird?]] [[Would you like to continue to be the old bird?]]No! You never got another mate never carried on the next generation and died cause you were not happy and had no family. Care to [[Try Again?]]Nice choice! [[Stage Six]]Nice choice! [[Stage Six]]Old Bird Your baby bird grows up to be a few weeks old [[Should you teach your baby bird to fly or is he still to young]] [[Yes my son/daughter can fly!]] New Baby Bird You grow up to be a few weeks old and your dad teaches you to fly A) [[Should you beleve what i said in the sentence]] B) [[You dont belive my sentece]]Awesome! You say you shouldnt? Awesome your right! [[Stage Seven]]Nope you baby bird tries to fly falls on the ground and dies [[Try Again?]] Nope! you try to fly you splat on the ground and dieYour a pro! You really know this tpe of bird! [[Stage Seven]]Baby Bird You grow up go out of your nest nd go to find a mate and start a family [[Still be the baby bird]] Daddy Bird Your baby grows up and flys away and goes to find a mate [[Still be the baby bird]]Sorry i made this the only option that you can be but anyways here is what happend to the baby bird as soon as it left its nest. So the baby bird wants to go live in a diffent Marsh than its parents so he flew all that way and HUH descoverd a mate, your so exsited that you fly so fast to the mate and thendo what your dad did and see if she likes you for who you are, you take that risk. Does she like you? [[Yes.?.?.?]] [[No.?.?.?]]Yes! True! HUH HUH HUH HUH HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You unlocked a new charecter!!! A Super Toad As soon as you found that mate you found toad.. THAT TOAD HAS POWERS! [[Be The Toad]] [[Be The Bird]]NOPE! YOUR WRONG! Ok so heres what happend YOU DIED OF A BROKEN HEART CAUSE U RAN OFF THAT DAY THAT SHE LIKED U! [[Try Again?]]Im the super toad now you can take oer my body and be my chaecter BYE HAVE FUN!!! [[Stage Eight]]If i were you i would try the new charecter here ya go:) [[Be The Toad]]This is the last thing in the game:( sadly but there will be a part two for this! Have fun you can try this again i will make sure that there will be a link on this page! [[Try Again?]] Credits Vanessa- Video game maker Help- Peter Worthington-Thanks for all the help! Hope you enjoyed this game!!!!! Charecter Help- Maha- Seth [[Try Again?]] The #2 part of this game will enclood the toad the bird and much more to unlock! Hope you enjoyed! [[Try Again?]] The bird "Red Winged Black Bird" lives in a Marsh, and the bird once again " Red Winged Black Bird" eats the yummy stuff first (Worm) and the Beetle is the desert. You Migrate you dont do anything else in the winter,and you sleep in a nest by some really confy catails you like a lady and you really hope that she likes you and you dont have a suit on but do not go back and grab one. You also have the next generation with that one special lady whoot whoot, and then you unlock another charecter, and you will see what comes next! ->[[Stage One]]<-