Welcome to Wetland game!!! You are playing as a Boreal Chours frog and challange to survive. You live in a pond, swamp and edge of the forest. You are the most common frog and the most smallest frog in Manitoba. You sleep under leaves and hibernate in mud during winter. You can grow upto maximum of 4cm long. You will last for at least one year however you rarely live for more than 3 years. You have very short legs. They make a sound like rubing your finger nails angaist a comb. If your skin burn, you can die. Your life cycle goes to eggs --> tadpoles --> tadpoles with arms and legs --> adult frog. Your eggs are only lay in a pond that is at least 10cm deep. You are a carnivore. You eat meat such as insects, flies, mosquitoes and dragon flies. Your preditors are snakes, birds, small mammles like mouse and big frogs. I hope that the information helps you to surive. [[Click here to start the game|hatching from your egg]]Hatch! Hatch! Hatch! Your egg has hatched but hold on...... Egg is in the deep lake or an ocean. You are at least 10cm deep in water, of course you are not too deep but still you need to swim to the surface of the ground. [[Now ready?|Now ready?]] OH OH!!! Well you need to protect yourself. If you sleep one of your preditor will eat you. BE CAREFULL [[GAME OVER|The Boreal Chorus Frog]]WRONG ANSWER You don't have to sleep after eating. Chances are that predetor will eat you, you need to learn how to protect youself. [[GAME OVER|The Boreal Chorus Frog]]Swim... Swim...Swim up to surface. You are now on water surface to survive your life. You can climb on trees for food but not yet because you are a tadpole and you don't know how to climb on trees. Now that you are with your mother you are surving with her till she dies. You are bored what are you going to do now? [[Eat and then sleep|Eat and then sleep]] [[Eat|Eat!]] [[Sleep|sleep]] [[Protect yourslef|Protect yourslef]] WRONG ANSWER How can you protect yourself if you are not survive? [[GAME OVER|The Boreal Chorus Frog]]Not a good thinking! You know that frogs can eat mosquitoes but they are too small to find. [[TRY AGAIN|The Boreal Chorus Frog]] Wrong answer Deer is too big to eat. If you go near to deer you would die. [[TRY AGAIN|The Boreal Chorus Frog]]Good thinking !! In oder to surive you need to eat so you can protect yourself well. But what will you eat? [[Mosquitoes| Mosquitoes]] [[Flies| Flies]] [[Deer| Deer]]Bravo!!!! You are right. Flies are big enough that tadpole can see. Mosquitoes are too small and hard to catch for meal. Now its Winter, you are bored going with your mom all the time. [[ Winter|Winter!]] It's winter now so tadpole sleeps long because you don't have activities. You are finding a good place to sleep. Where are you going to sleep? [[Sleep on one of your preaditors |Sleep on one of your preaditors]] [[Sleep in water| sleep under leaves]] [[On your mom| On your mom]]You will be eaten by your preditor. You are a tadpole right now, you don't have arms or legs to jump, you swim in water. [[GAME OVER|The Boreal Chorus Frog]]Excellent job You are right!!! Tadpole sleep in water so they can live hot and happy. Now you sleeped for a long.. long.... long.... time or..the whole winter!!!It's summer and your body is paning. What are you going to do? [[ Stay where you are without moving or speaking | Stay where you are without moving or speaking]] [[Talk to your parents| Talk to your parents]] Your mom would not be impressed by you, if you sleep on her. [[Try again|The Boreal Chorus Frog]] Good.... If you talk to both of your parents, they will help you. [[Talking to your parents|Talking to your parents]]You talked with your parents about body pain. Your parents said: "that is because your body is growing. It will not pain after few days". [[Few days after| Few days]]After few days, you have legs and arms to jump. You aren't an adlut yet but you can still make small jump. Will you try to jump now? [[learn alone|learn alone]] or [[learn with your mom| learn with your mom]]Not proud of you.... What if you fall down and nobody will save you. Also your preditor can eat you. [[GAME OVER|The Boreal Chorus Frog]]Probably...!...!. If you learn how to jump with your mom you will be safe. Like in case if you fall down when you were jumping, your mom could protect or help you. Now that you finally know how to jump. But you are so hungry that you can't even jump to find food. What are you going to do? [[ What now| What now?]] You asked everybody in your family to help you but, no one helped you. After few hours your friend came to you to play with you but you looked very sad. Your friend asked you what's the problem. You said I am so hungry and I can't even jump, please help me. Your friend said "yes" to help you. He find food for you to eat. After few hour you ate the food and now! you can even jump. Today it's hot day so you plan to swim in the cold water. Do you really know if the water is cold or hot? When you get in the the water, your skin was burning because water was hot. You screamed so hard and loud that everybody was scared. Guess what, if you burned your skin you can die. But you don't want to be die, what are you going to do? [[Go to a doctor| go to a doctor]] [[Go in the cold water as fast as you can| go in the cold water ]] [[Eat more | Eat more ]] [[Stay in the hot water| stay in the burning water]] Guess what .. There is no such doctor in frogs community. [[GAME OVER|The Boreal Chorus Frog]]That's right If you jump in cold water you will be okay. It will burn a little bit because first you swam into hot water and after you swam into cold water. Well now you are okay. But you heard voice coming towards you. You were so scared. When it came in front of you it was one of your preditors. You jump out of water and reach to your mom and said there is a preditor. Your mom came with you and went through the trees and stop at a big frog and it was your grandpa or your mom's dad. You said foof..... it was not one of the preditors. Well now its almost winter. What are you going to do? [[Play| Play]] [[Wait for winter|Wait for winter]] [[Goof around|Goof around]] Why would you eat if you are burning? [[GAME OVER|The Boreal Chorus Frog]]Why would you stay in the hot water if your skin is already burned by it? You can die. [[GAME OVER|The Boreal Chorus Frog]]Correct!! Don't goof around or wait for winter. If you play until winter arrive, you will not be bore. Few days later GUESS WHAT!! it's winter again. The snow is falling and you want to still play. But you have nothing to play. What are you going to do? [[Disturb others|Disturbing others]] [[Hibernate in mud|Hibernate in mud]] [[Swim in the frezzing water|Swim in the frezzing water]] Don't wait for winter you wil be boread swimming and waiting. [[GAME OVER|The Boreal Chorus Frog]] Well you are almost right !!!!CAUTION!!!! DO NOT GOOF AROUND OR A PREDITOR WILL EAT YOU!!! [[GAME OVER|The Boreal Chorus Frog]]Awesome!! You are right, in winter you hibernate in mud. Now you hibernate for a long long long time. Now you are hungry. All of your preys are cold in winter. They are not coming out, you asked your mom and your mom said that we don't eat in winter we just only eat in summer. So you need to wait for summer if you want to eat. You wait... wait and wait and you hibernate in mud and finally it's summer. [[Summer|Summer]]Almost right [[GAME OVER|The Boreal Chorus Frog]]Well its summer now so you can eat. You are an adult frog so you need to care yourself because your parents were already dead in winter. And its new year its third year of your whole life. You are finding something to eat and you are jumping arounds trees and find a mosquitoe to eat. You went near the mosquitoe and grab it. As soon as you ate the mosquitoe an eagle came flying and grab you to the it's nest and...... [[What happen|What happen]] What happen is that the bird ate you and you died. But you had a sucessfull life and you reproduced. If you want to play again click [[Play again|The Boreal Chorus Frog]]If you stay where you are without moving or speaking, your body will pain more. [[GAME OVER|The Boreal Chorus Frog]]Don't disturb other they will be angry at you. [[GAME OVER|The Boreal Chorus Frog]]