Welcome to my game. You will be playing as a Duck (scientific name Anas Platyrhynchos) They are omnivours eating bugs but mostly plants. They do not mate for life, evey mating season they find a new mate. They start as an egg, then become a duckling, then a duck. The feathers are wet when coming out of the egg. Their major enimies are snapping turtels and birds of prey. Your goal is to find a mate and reproduce Make wise choises [[good luck|Hatching]] CRACK CRACK CRACK Slowly you peck away at the shell but the shell will not give way. What do do? [[peck harder|food]] [[rest|done]] [[kick and shove|good try]]great job you made it out of the shell easily suddenly you feel hungry [[go to the close berry bush|preadetors]] [[go into the water and eat plants|drown]] you pass out exuasted you have not been a sucessful duck [[try again|Hatching]]good job you eat and explore and are safe now what do you do [[go back to nest|saftey]] [[contiue to explore|bad choice]]Your rest was much needed after you feel much better [[learn to fly|healed]] [[go and explore|bad choice]]A snapping turtle bits your wing and now you can not fly soon it will be time to migrate south [[go and continue to explore|danger]] [[go back to nest|healed]] you wing gets very sore and you can't move them the group is ready to migrate south you are not a good duck [[try agian|bad choice]]exellant choice your wings are now dry and healed so it is safe to learn to fly Your mom askes you where you want to learn [[under the nest|feathers]] [[over the lake|drowning]] you plumet down and with a soft thud you fall into the the feather encrusted nest [[continue to learn|migration]] [[take a break|left behind]]you plumet down and with a splash you fall into the lake [[try agian|healed]]good choice soon you catch a hang of flying just in time to it is time to migrate [[fly with mom|sharing]] [[fly with siblings|hello]] You don't learn to fly in time for migration the group leaves you behined and you are alone with no protection [[try agian|feathers]]you become very dependent on your family and they is not able to get you food anymore you slowly stave to death [[try agian|migration]]you finally have a chance to meet your siblings suddunley one plumets out of the sky [[dive down and save them|hero]] [[stay in the air and pretened not to notice|coward]] [[gasp gawlk tell somone to save them|coward]]you drown because your feathers are still wet [[try agian|food]]you get out of the shell dizzy Do you want to [[explore|preadetors]] [[rest|saftey]]your siblings cheer for you what do you do with your brother [[let him continue to fly|no]] [[give him to mom|good]]your siblings yell at you and you and try to defend but your argumet is weak. you loose the trust of yuor siblings and have to forage on you own [[try agian|hello]] his wings are weak and falls once more, ther is no saving him now and your siblings know that [[try agian|hero]]mom praises you and takes care of your brother and tells you that we are very close to landing you fly back to your siblings and [[fly in silence|suprise]] [[brag about how you saved your brother fron dieing|sibling fight]]Your sibling are supriesed when you arive at your destinanation and you say [[I knew all along|sibling fight]] [[I'm suprised too|mating]] "we know" all of your siblings shout "your anoying now good bye" then they all flew away [[try agian|good]]There are other ducks that migrated here what do you do [[stay with mom|sharing]] [[stay with siblings|sharing]] [[meet new ducks|good choice]]you meet lots of new ducks and your mom askes you how your day was what do you say [[it was fine|just fine]] [[it was great|yay]]