welcome however you are this a game of a jumping spider they eat bugs they get eaten by birds if you liked this game thank you you be playing as a spider this not animation but lets get it started. [[play|play]]your hatching and you jump ....... after your mom teaches you how to haunt after you see a bird what do you do [[jump|jump]] [[stay still|stay still]] [[go hide|go hide]]the bird see you jump and he catches you and eat you GAME OVER (' [[try again|play]]the bird sees you and catches you and your brothers and sisters GAME OVER :( [[try again|play]]YOU HIDE WHIT YOUR MOM and the bird flies after you see a plant carnivourous what can you do [[go back whit your mom|go back whit your mom]] [[go in the plant|go in the plant]] your safe now you get older you left your family you now have a home you see a nice girl how to get her [[haunt a bug and give it to her|haunt a bug and give it to her]] [[do the dance|do the dance]] [[talk to her and say about you|talk to her and say about you]] the plant eats you GAME OVER [[try again|play]] she dint like it GAME OVER [[try again|play]]the girl is inpreased she fall in love whit you and you hang out and then you see a bird you what do you do [[shoot a web|shoot a web]] [[attack|attack]] [[leave her|leave her]]she hated you game over [[try again|play]] you are saveed you hided after you go back you hang to your own house after the bird still tries to follow you after you see it again what can you do [[jump over|jump over]] [[just stay|just stay]] fail the bird eats you [[try again|play]] GAME OVER YOU FAILED FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL :)SHE DIES AND THEN THE BIRD RUNS AND CATCHES YOU GAME OVER [[try again|play]]you jumped and you run you try to hide but its still following you what can you do [[realease a web|realease a web]] [[hide|hide]] dead game over [[try again|play]]you hided and then you see thet the bird its still there what can you do [[keep hiding|keep hiding]] [[just run for it|just run for it]] [[run|run]] its angry and eats you GAME OVER [[try again|play]]the bird is now gone then you see a frog under what do you do [[stay up|stay up]] [[go whit the frog|go whit the frog]] you jump to the oter side she sees you and catches you game over [[try again|play]]she heres noise she follows you and catches you game over [[try again|play]]your safe after you see a women eating the man and then you think about it then you broke up whit her because you dont want to get eaten [[old days|old days]]Double-click this passage to edit it.you are old you already leave your familly you are making your own web after you hide and you wait you see a bug getting stuck you go near it what do you do [[bite it and roll him over whit web|bite it and roll him over whit web]] [[leave it|leave it]] you did it after you see a nice lady you marrie her and then you have babies what do you do [[protect|protect]] [[dont care|dont care]]it fyies away and you starving game over [[try again|play]]you protect it and days you have to give noutrians aka die i hope you liked my game it falls game over [[try again|play]]